• Welcome to Sterling Cross Defense Systems

    Welcome to Sterling Cross

    Sterling Cross Defense Systems’ abilities are recognized by militaries, law enforcement agencies and private defense organizations the world over. To access crucial market sectors Sterling Cross offers its clients global business strategies with a calculated level of service and success.


  • Sterling Sponsored Shooter - Dave Holbeche

    Sterling Sponsored Shooter

    Dave Holbeche, our proud Sterling Cross Sponsored Shooter, who has won dozens of medals in shooting competitions, showcases his medals and our ICC frangible ammunition. Read on for Dave's personal bio.

  •  Frangible Ammunition - international Cartridge Corporation
    NRC approved SCDS frangible ammunition. Sterling Cross Defense Systems is proud to announce its new partnership with International Cartridge Corporation.
Sterling Cross is the COMPLETE solution for the security, military, and law enforcement markets.

What We Do


Sterling Cross’ success is based on strong sourcing and manufacturing capabilities, and investment in proprietary defense systems.

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